Taekwon-do at the CCC

**Starting at the CCC on Saturday, March 4th, 2017 with Mr. Jon Mroz


6:45-8PM Adults


8AM-9AM Adults

9AM-10AM Kids

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About Mr. Mroz
Mr. Jon Mroz is a 1st Dan, certified instructor and umpire with the Unified International TaeKwon-Do Federation led by Grandmaster Hwang Kwang Sung, one of the original students of the founder of the art. He is a member of the 2017 United States-UITF International Team competing in breaking and sparring. Mr. Mroz received his Masters Degree in Diplomacy and International Relations with a specialization in negotiations and conflict resolution. After graduate school, Mr. Mroz worked in international security and taught courses at Joint Special Operations University. He has a purple belt in Shaolin Kenpo and has studied Wing Chun, Boxing and other styles over the years but his passion for TaeKwon-Do supersedes all others. He resides in Chicago with his 3 year old daughter.

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