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Capoeira classes are open to all: Kids, Teens, and Adults. No experience is needed. Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art that combines martial arts, acrobatics, dance, music, language, culture, history, community and much more.
Come try a class today. First class is free to those that are new to Capoeira.
Check out any of our multiple locations around the Chicagoland area for class today!
Chicago, North Center: Chicago Capoeira Center, 1802 W Berteau Ave, Suite 215.
Chicago, Lakeview: Japanese Culture Center, 1016 W Belmont, 2nd Floor
Chicago, Loop: American Rhythm Center, 410 S Michigan Ave, 3rd Floor
Schaumburg: LCCT BJJ, 1154 S Roselle Rd
Check out the full schedule here: www.colibricb.com/classes
Chicago Capoeira Center is an affliate of Centro Cultural Quilombo, a non-profit organization that brings Brazilian culture to Chicago. Classes are led by Formada Colibri. She began capoeira at the age of 14 in the city of Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She started her training with Contra-Mestre Tom of group ‘Arte Brasileira’ and in 1992 she joined internationally renown group ‘Capoeira Brasil’ lead by Mestre Paulinho Sabia. In 2016 she received the final cord in her group, black cord, with the title of Formada.

Formada Colibri has participated in workshops and events all over Brazil, Argentina, Europe and the United States. She has been invited to events hosted by Capoeira Masters such as Mestre Suassuna, Mestre Boneco, Mestre Itapoan, Mestre Gato, and Mestre Mindinho. Formada Colibri also has experience in Brazilian Folkloric Dance, History, and Music and has extensive experience teaching both kids and adults. She has been featured in one of Brazil’s premier capoeira magazines, ‘Practicando Capoeira’ and took part in an educational instructional book called ‘The Basic Techniques of Capoeira’ by Mestre Paulinho Sabia.

To train Capoeira, to be a true capoeirista, you must immerse yourself in the rich culture and traditions of Brazil; Capoeira Brasil Chicago is dedicated to giving each of its students the knowledge they need to be well respected in the Capoeira community. This involves not only being able to play Capoeira itself, but also play all of its instruments and sing traditional Capoeira songs. World-renowned teacher, Formada Colibri, dedicates her life to maintaining the traditions and promoting the evolution of Capoeira.
Capoeira classes with Formada Colibri allows students to develop fundamental skills, teaching musical instruments, songs, movements and physical activity. Students gain increased strength, flexibility, stamina, balance, agility and confidence.