Portguese Classes Return!

The Chicago Capoeira Center will be offering Portuguese classes every week from January 13th to March 17th. These sessions will focus on building Portuguese language skills from capoeira songs, jargon and other words often used during classes.
Historically, these classes have always been on Sunday from 1 to 2:30 pm, but depending on how many people are interested and depending on each one’s level, there may be two different sections. So if you have no clue how Portuguese works, no worries, because in the beginner section we will go over all the main basics. Similarly, if you have had some experience with Portuguese, you will be placed in the more advanced section in order to ensure you are always learning.
The price for all 10 classes is $100.
If you are interested in joining, please email katiacolibri@gmail.com.

GCB Travels….

The adventures never end in capoeira. This past month included trips to Palm Springs for Mestre Paulinho Sabia’s Annual Course for Professors, and Professora Missil’s batizado in NYC and even a local stop at Chicago’s Gill Park for a special class during their Girls in Sports Day.

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