O jogo de Capoeira

To train Capoeira is more than to just go once in a while for the aerobic workout, or to enjoy the energy of the roda. Of course we welcome anyone for whom this is appropriate but for most participants, that is not enough. It is traditional for Capoeiristas to immerse themselves in the art, training, researching, and socializing outside of class. Mestre Paulinho Sabia and Capoeira Brasil are dedicated to perpetuating and maintaining the tradition of Capoeira while continuing to evolve the art. To progress in Capoeira you must try to continually develop your movements, connecting them like words in a sentence and you must play in the roda, applying what you have learned in your training. Learning the music and instruments is also fundamental. Start with playing the pandeiro and learning to sing the chorus of the songs…

..also clap in the roda, it is the most basic of instruments. Participate and support our organization. Come to class, be encouraging, try to make it to extracurricular events; perhaps the most important thing about training Capoeira is the diverse, positive community you will become a part of.

When you play in the roda, Mestre will tell you to “Develop your game!” Do it! Try new things, don’t be afraid of not being able to do it right – just don’t forget your basic movements. Repetition and consistency will improve your game. Play with as many people as possible and don’t be afraid of playing with a higher cord. They will challenge you and help you grow. Be careful, above all things, not to hurt the person you are playing with. That means staying further away from someone who doesn’t have their esquiva reflex quite right, and looking before throwing your kicks.

The Game

The game of Capoeira is a fluid series of agile, acrobatic, and martial movements linked together to form a unique corporal conversation. The gracefully strategic physical dialogue happens in the Roda, the circle where training manifests into games between two Capoeiristas (practitioners of the art). These games are an intricate exchange of circular and straight kicks, escapes, sweeps, takedowns, and gymnastic flourishes.

The spirit and energy of a Capoeira Roda is contagious. The art form combines circular and straight kicks, acrobatics, takedowns and creativity with mesmerizing music and universal spirituality. Capoeira brings health and balance to the life of its participants, whatever their age. The martial art is ideal for building awareness of body and mind, teaching fast reflexes and self-defense tactics. Capoeira is graceful and challenging, a life-tool encouraging all those who train to grow and invest in physical as well as mental well being.

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