Chicago Capoeira Center

Mission Statement

The mission of Chicago Capoeira Center (CCC) is to provide the Chicago area community with self-confidence and global citizenship through the teachings of Afro-Brazilian art, including capoeira, samba de roda, maculele, music, dance, and language. CCC works to instill positive social interactions and self-discipline in all of its programs, in conjunction with its signature Grupo Capoeira Brasil Chicago program.

Vision Statement

At Chicago Capoeira Center, we imagine a community that is enriched with the cultural and historical influences of Brazil. CCC’s doors are open to everyone of all ages and skill levels, from toddlers to senior citizens. Our programs offer a unique and social opportunity for participants to begin or maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Students and staff often participate in free public performances, as well as host community film screenings, concerts, literary events and much more.