Capoeira Travels

Traveling is a great way to enhance your capoeira skills, meet new styles, and build friendships. This weekend was a busy weekend for a lot of our members…

Roseira, Africana and Formada Colibri went to Professora Míssil’s Batizado in New York, where they enjoyed multiple workshops and enjoyed themselves in the roda. Meanwhile, Arrepiado, Fantasma, and our extended family members, Metralha and Gogó de Ouro, took a road trip to Ann Arbor, MI, to support Contra-Mestre Lobinho’s Batizado. Congratulations to all the new cords in New York and Michigan!

Last but not least, Instrutora Pantera Negra went all the way to Paris to enjoy Mestre Paulinho Sabiá’s Student Encounter, a special annual event designed to update the skills of those who already teach–even those who are already experienced in capoeira keep on learning!!


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